Purchasing & Stock Controller

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Posted 6 days ago

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  • Experience Needed:
    5 to 7 years
  • Functional Area:
    Purchasing & Procurement
  • Job Type:
    Full Time
  • Languages:
  • Vacancies:
    1 open position
  • Salary:
    4000 to 5500 USD per month

Job Summary

Main Role:


  • Helps maintain the financial health of organizations by procuring goods and services that meet operational needs while providing the highest value.
  • Keeps operations moving smoothly by monitoring supply chains and relieving department heads of tedious tasks such as negotiating contracts with vendors.
  • Supports operations by serving as the primary buyer of goods and services in a private sector company, government agency, educational institution or another type of organization.
  • Serves the needs of internal customers by procuring the goods and services they need in a timely manner.
  • Serves the organization’s financial wellness by seeking out and purchasing goods and services that offer the lowest prices and best value, without compromising on quality.
  • Procuring office furniture and supplies.
  • Procuring kitchen and catering equipment and utensils.
  • Collects information from stakeholders regarding the types of goods and services required and contacts vendors.
  • Collects the evaluations of the quality of the goods or services, prices, and the vendor’s ability to deliver the goods or services in a timely manner.
  • Manages agreements between our organization and a vendor for service to a single or multiple locations that include location-specific quantities and delivery times.
  • After contracts are in place, He should monitor vendors’ performance to make sure they comply with established terms and conditions.
  • He may handle the return of defective goods and the processing of refund or replacement requests.
  • Manages year-end inventory reporting of property such as office furniture, company vehicles, and computer hardware.
  • Might work closely with construction contractors to oversee the costs of building materials and furnishings.
  • Might scout and negotiate leases for satellite office spaces or temporary worker housing units.
  • Maintains contingency plans that account for supply shortages or loss of vendors.
  • Maintains long-term relationships with suppliers.
  • Helps cut costs by taking advantage of discounts and rebates that other people in their organization might miss.
  • Stock Controller.
  • Review the disposals & receiving vouchers in terms of quantity/values, and take their actual inventory.
  • Daily counting for the most highly turnover items, high-cost items, and easy stealing times.
  • Random counting for all the classes and categories, and it should take place at any time without a pre-determined timing.
  • Periodical counting for all branches and stores of the company.
  • Indicate all the counting and inventory analysis and investigate the reasons if any deviation.
  • Counting the damaged stock, along with an explanation of the reason beyond the damages.
  • Monthly consumables counting for the company including contribution percentage for each branch separately.
  • Counting for the fixed assets for the company.
  • Review the Inventory turnover rate, whereby monitoring the purchases so that inventory is not wasted in stock higher than the company's needs, also review items that have reached the minimum level and no supply orders have been made for them.
  • Review items that do not have sufficient balance in branches or warehouse through reviewing their sales in previous periods, and know the reason for not supplying them again.
  • Follow-up of the best-selling items and the company's stock size from them.
  • Review the returned goods and compare them vs books.
  • Follow up on the total store's movement.
  • Participates in the stock assessment process
  • Conducting a study and analysis of spare parts stores and proper accounting guidance.
  • Responsible for reducing the loss by strategically planning to eliminate the lost opportunity in the store through ( follow the negative stock, internal store transfers, negative margin on daily basis, mistakes of cashier.. etc. ).
  • Performs operational tasks by following established processes such as physical inventory preparation and completion, semi-annual & Annual store stock take.
  • Help manage external client relationships by carrying out simple procedural tasks.

  • Supplier database and relationships
  • Ability to our inventory and purchasing systems
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel


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